Survive: to remain alive or in existence after

Survivor: One that survives; someone capable of surviving changing conditions, misfortune, etc.

Monday, February 28, 2011


The days that followed started a journey I never in my life thought that I would take.

After speaking with Ann that night I called our sister Lynn, who was living out of town, and told her what I knew.  Ann had walked in on him in a bath towel sitting next to Timmy.  She was sure that something had happened or was about to happen.  Either way, something needed to be done quickly.  But what?  How?

Our first thoughts jumped to Carrie, our youngest sister, who was expecting her first child.  Did she know?  Would she know to protect her baby once it was born into this world?

The three of us, decided that we needed to tell Carrie what had happened in the past, as well as what was happing now with our nephew Timmy.  We couldn't wait for Lynn to return, this needed to happen immediately.  We started by inviting Carrie over to my home as this was not something to tell her about over the phone.  Ann and I struggled to tell her what he had to say.  How do you tell someone something to horrific about their father?

I can't remember how we went about telling her.  I remember sitting across from Carrie and wondering which words to use to soften the blow.  She was "Daddy's Little Girl" and this was bound to cause devastation.  If memory serves me right, Ann stepped up to the plate and told Carrie that her father, our stepfather, had molested Ann, Lynn and I.  Carrie was shocked, she was angry, she was hurt.  Tears and more tears as we all cried together.  Carrie insisted on confronting her father and wanted us to be there with her when she did so.  Could we handle this?  He had always told us if anyone found out he would surely commit suicide...  Should we do this?

Something about confronting him seemed so powerful!

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